Driftin' Away, with Magnetic North...

Driftin’ Away, with Magnetic North…

When I write, melodies and harmonies accompany my words and thoughts. Depending on my mood, a song’s language, genre, style, and tone will vary. (Although most of my songs here tend to be somber, because typically when I blog, I am in a melancholic mood.)

A compilation of the artists and songs on the blog…

Chinese, instrumental/vocal/pop:

Christian, contemporary:

Folk Rock / Ambient Rock / Pop Folk

Electro Pop

Guitar, contemporary:

Hip hop

Instrumental, contemporary:

Korean, Indie Rock:

Khmer ,Traditional Folk Music/Dance:

Choir (with orchestra or piano), classical:

Piano, classical:

Latin, pop:

5 thoughts on “Soundtrack

  1. I just thought I’d share with you, I don’t know if you’d like this band, but I just thought I’d tell you just in case you might like them. Its a Cambodian/ethnic/fusion sort of band called Dengue Fever. There’s several American guys in the band but the main singer is a Cambodian woman called Chhom Nimol. Their songs are in Cambodian language, sung by Chhom, and I really like them, even though I can’t understand what she’s saying. I just really like them and I thought you might like them too maybe. My favorite songs of theirs are called “Uku”, and another song that’s called “Seeing Hands”. Here’s the link to “Seeing Hands” on YouTube, just in case you’re interested, and the link to “Uku” also. Maybe you already know about this band, if so I’m sorry for telling you about them again, but maybe somebody else would like them too.

    “Seeing Hands”:


    • hi scriptor! yes i’ve heard of dengue fever, only heard them online though, haven’t had the opportunity yet to hear them live. their sound is so unique, yet it really does remind me of the era of cambodian rock and roll, its own established genre back in the 60’s, a complete fusion of khmer sounds and american rock and roll. that was before the khmer rouge took over and killed off all the musicians and artists, anyway. its really cool to see dengue fever reviving that art scene and sharing it globally through youtube and other online platforms.

      thanks for these links. i hadn’t heard these particular songs and they’re really fun!

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