Ode to Summer

larger than life piano. montreal botanical garden.

larger than life piano. montreal botanical garden.

Where did summer go? Can you stay for awhile?
Sand in our toes, we slurped ice cream by the beach
on warm, sleeveless nights, we lingered, walked a mile
green mountains, or city lights, all in our reach.

Blue jays fluttered, bees frolicked through the flowers
Kids giggled, gliding swiftly on a slip and slide
And I leisurely read three books, all at one time.

Searched for ramen, amidst heavy rain showers
Rendezvoused with old and new friends  ~ what a ride
Back home,  enjoyed Flaming Hot Cheetos with Lime.

Summer, rest here. Take your sweet time, oh please?
Those late sunsets, we laughed freely, without care-
Nights now slightly cooler, a crisp scent in the breeze,
as fall comes, let it bring adventure in the air.


4 thoughts on “Ode to Summer

  1. Yes, more summer!!! Loved the lyrics here. I am a summer guy. Winter is for Eskimos, not beach bums like me. lol

    Hope your week is going well.


  2. I have no idea where it went! Although I’m ready for fall, I am not at all happy with how quickly this year has gone by. Where did summer go? Where has this year gone?!

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