Singing in the Rain


Streets of Hope

Walking down streets lined with books and seeing titles like Streets of Hope, sparked a gleeful skip into my step. Never having been to Portland, Oregon before, it was already beginning to exceed my expectations.  In February, we visited for an all-girls trip, to commemorate my sister-in-law’s engagement. Continue reading

Lemurs, Levitation, & Lunar New Year


Hello, new friend!

His ears perked up with curiosity. He pranced upon our arms, hopping from one wrist, towards the next, greeting each new friend. His striped tail flying through the air.

To celebrate my friend Esther’s birthday, I flew down to Las Vegas last year and joined her for her weekend festivities. Through their blog, Local Adventurer, Esther and her husband Jacob explore and encourage others to seek adventure within their own city.  Whereas most people associate Las Vegas with casinos and clubs, they introduced me to a totally different side of Vegas.


But first… burgers. Continue reading

Seven Day Fight

the few resources we had. cambodia, 2010.

all we had. cambodia, 2010.

At first, I didn’t see her.  She was her husband’s shadow, following him closely from behind.

His chest heaved, and his neck muscles retracted, as he fought for air.

Please help my husband, her eyes pleaded. She fidgeted beside his bed.

His skin pale, his lips faded to a blue grey. “ហត់ចង់ងប់ (I’m so tired, I could die),” he panted.

We were losing time.  Continue reading

Overcoming Obstacles, The Great Wall

There are some things in life that seem impossible.

For me, walking up the stairs of the Great Wall, was one of those things.

As a child, I didn’t know I had asthma.  After exercise, my lungs caught on fire, my breaths labored, and my chest ached.  It wasn’t until a near death experience that I realized how restrictive asthma could be.  I honestly thought I would never be strong enough, lung capacity wise, to visit the Great Wall.

But impossible dreams became reality.  Over a year ago, we planned a family trip to Asia, and stopped by Beijing en route to Hong Kong. After exploring Gui Jie (簋街) and Tianamen Square, we were ready to embrace the Great Wall.

Long, yellow willow branches swayed in the breeze, like the glory of a woman’s hair. Driving to the Mutianyu section, Chinese pop songs played on the radio. But in my heart, I was glimpsing the serenity of China’s countryside and listening to the serenade of violins. Clusters of Chinese villages lined the road, protected by a bordering village wall. What were the Northeastern Chinese lives like, before the rise of big cities? Had their ancestors used their own blistered hands to lay down the stones of the wall? Did they gain a new hope of protection and security? And for the current residents, were their lives now completely centered around tourism? 

Finally, we arrived.

We climbed a few steps and found ourselves facing a ski lift (they call it a cable car, but it looks like a ski lift).  We had specifically chosen this section of the wall because it was less strenuous of a climb compared to other sections, riding up via ski lift in lieu of hiking.

My sister-in-law’s eyes widened, in panic.

But it was too late to turn back; the chair swooped her and Dad up and they soared into the mountains. Continue reading

I slept and dreamt… (2014, in Review)

This past year, I surrendered the reigns of control over my time.

Through the long nights, aching arms, tired feet, weary but hopeful faces of my dance students and my patients, there I truly begin to understand…

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. 
I awoke and saw that life was service. 
I acted and behold, service was joy.”

My top 3 nursing stories:

3. Sun, Moon, and Stars – on illiteracy

2. Exposed Ankles – on an immigrant’s struggle

1. Keep on Dancin’ – on perspectives and purpose

Honorable mention: Highfives and Heartache– on sacrifice and ebola

Top 3 characteristics I learned about God
3. God sustains.
January 18, 2014:
“Life is a complete mess right now; I feel as though I’m walking in a storm. Lord, the winds have whipped me back and forth, it is cold, feeling like I will go numb from the bitterness of others who tear me down. Lord, save me! I will say though, that God You remain wonderful and it’s truly evident that You are real and at work in my life.”

2. God protects; He is sovereign.
March 11, 2014:
“Ba called me. He said, ‘My ICD [defibrillator/pacemaker] shocked me.’ Ba described how he went for a jog and fell on the ground. 

The whole event, Ba being alone while jogging, him calling me first instead of 911, the burden of not being there during a medical emergency… it’s frightening. Horribly frightening.I was so relieved Ba was discharged from the hospital, but it doesn’t change his prognosis. I must and need to accept that, the uncertainty of our future here on earth. God help me to trust in You no matter how gray or uncertain the future.”

1. God has a vision, a plan for me.
August 23, 214:
“You can see far greater than my eyes can see- You have big dreams for me; I’ve been challenged in so many ways recently…”

Random 3 photos of treasured memories: Continue reading

“If there is a doctor or nurse aboard….”


and just when i was learning to relax…

please notify your crew member. We have a medical emergency on flight.”

Hearing those dreadful words over the intercom, I froze in my seat.

Oh no. Someone’s in trouble.

I paused. What if they’re sicker than what I can handle? What if I don’t know what to do? We were already in the air, so if it were a real emergency, we’d be in trouble.

I pressed the call light anyway, hoping it wouldn’t be serious. I hope I don’t have to start any IV’s because I can’t remember the last time I inserted one… Continue reading

おはようございます, Morning from Tokyo!

finally met Hachiko, in person!

finally met Hachiko, in person!

Tokyo is better than I thought it would be!

My only glimpses of Tokyo have been through film and books. In real life, it is more vibrant, colorful, and lively.

Yesterday we visited Shibuya Station, one of the busiest intersections in Tokyo and where I finally met Hachiko, the loyal dog who came to Shibuya to meet his master daily, even after he passed. We devoured steaming hot Takoyaki (octopus) balls, took off our shoes before entering a traditional Japanese restaurant, observed the tranquility and peacefulness at the Meiji Shrine, strolled the boutiques and fun shops in Harajuku, and savored sushi at a nearby restaurant. (Thankfully, watching all that anime in high school has come handy! I remember more Japanese than I thought).

We don’t have much time left and there’s more to explore. Will give more updates upon our return.

Mata ne!