Fresh Fridays: Great Expectations

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked, my eyes focused on the vaccine and supplies in my hands.

“An R.N.” he replied, without hesitation.

I paused and looked up.

The 14 year old stared back at me, just waiting.

“An RN?” I asked (as if I needed clarification). I felt guilty for expecting him to answer a football player.  Usually when I asked teen boys what their plans were after high school, they almost always said they wanted to play football.

Because they assume it’s their only ticket out of poverty. Living in the ghetto and attending failing schools, no one else has told them otherwise.

“Yea, a registered nurse.”

“REALLY? That’s AWESOME,” I gushed. I could not contain my glee.

“Because I want to help people,” he explained.

“And you will, one day,” I affirmed, while tapping bubbles out of the syringe. “Being a nurse is really exciting, and you do get to help a lot of people. But to get there, you have to study hard and do your best in school, okay?”

He nodded. “I will.”

~ ~ ~

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I was thinking last night, that I needed to write the above story down before I forget it.  =) I am always encouraged when others express interest in pursuing nursing; it validates that I’m in the right profession, because I hope others find such joy in caring for patients as much as I do. (Although, there are some days when I do feel like this…)
Meanwhile, there is a hurricane of a virus brewing inside me, throwing 40 mph winds against the walls of my ribcage. My throat is on fire and every breath is a cough. (Uh, I totally feel like this right now!) I’m not getting any relief from meds, but music soothes the burning in my chest and prayer calms my worry. I have been yearning to write for awhile, struggling even with this post, my mind is so foggy…
Anyone want to bring me some pho /kuy theav? I have been eating jook/ baa baa/ congee for days.

~ ~ ~

I can’t keep up with blogging daily for a month. It’s so difficult!

NaBloPoMo November 2014

18 thoughts on “Fresh Fridays: Great Expectations

  1. Aw, I hope you feel better! (Hug) And thank you for being a caring nurse. It makes a tremendous difference to a patient’s anxiety level and overall experience when they have a caring, kind, and patient nurse versus one who is brusque and impatient (speaking from experience as a patient and as a family member of a patient).

  2. May your immune system kick that virus to the curb quickly.

    Hmmm, I don’t know how to make pho/ kuy theav, but I’d be happy to try my hand with a cold alternative – chicken noodle soup. 🙂

    It’s likely the kid you spoke with got inspired to take on the RN profession by seeing radiant examples of quality RN’s in action such as yourself.

  3. I admire anyone who was that confident in their future at 14 years old. I wanted to be a chef and a writer and a vacuum cleaner salesman (that’s what my oldest brother was doing at the time).

  4. After being in the hospital so long, I have a newfound respect for nurses — especially the ones that make the effort to be so positive, so helpful, and comforting. It really is a job I admire; I was so impressed at the levels of generosity that people can show and what they can do. Thank you for what you do! 🙂

    • aww. thanks so much Erica! Being a hospital nurse is not easy; it’s one of the most challenging jobs out there… (where else can you get adult body fluids flung at you on a daily basis?!) but its also incredibly rewarding, especially when people express their gratitude. =) =) =)

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