The Reason Behind My (Blogging) Absence


Spring 2016. BIG news, the beginning of a new season of our lives…

A few quotes from my patients over the course of the last several months…

patient #1: “Whoa. You’re finally gaining some weight. You look good, stay this way!”

patient #2: “Aiyah.. Your face got fat!”

patient #3: “Look at you.. now did you swallow a watermelon or what?” Continue reading


A Beautifully Painful Mess


The Ruins of Rome. Summer 2014.

Strange. The door was ajar, a moment ago. I knocked, then pushed it open.

I had expected my patient to be on the phone. Instead, she sat on the exam table, her young daughter standing at her side. The little girl’s left hand wrapped the blood pressure cuff over her mom’s arm, and the other hand squeezed the inflation bulb.  Startled by my interruption, she hurriedly put the cuff away.

“When you grow up, do you want to be a doctor or nurse?” I smiled, reaching for a pair of gloves.

“A nurse,” she replied. Continue reading

When Little Buds Bloom


Bern, Switzerland ~ May 2015

“Is it going to hurt?” she asked.

“Mmm… it is a needle,” I answered. I like to keep things real, especially when it comes to pain. “But you can think of others things.”

“Like Hawaii,” her little sister pitched, as she watched me near her big sister on the exam table.

“Ahh.. yesss.. like Hawaii,” I affirmed. Funny how she’d suggest that, while we were in the dead of winter. I lifted her sleeve to get ready to give the vaccine.

“You’ve been to Hawaii,” she chipped in.

I gasped. Continue reading

Fresh Fridays: Is it the Scrubs?

a ridiculous post dedicated to my uniform.
©2008-2015 Graffiti2DMyHeart

February 9, 2008

I tossed out my old scrubs and bought brand new ones because a new policy at work required all the nurses to wear the same color.  Ever since, the comments haven’t stopped…

(Day 1 of wearing new scrubs)

secretary: Dang Soapie! Look at you! Those scrubs look good on you! You look like you’re a REAL nurse!
me: Huh?
secretary: Like you come in here to get your sh*t done! You look older, more mature, like a REAL nurse!
me: What’re you saying?! I didn’t look like a ‘real nurse’ these past 2 years then?
secretary: *laughs*  yeah!

(Day 2)

co-nurse: Hey Soapie! Those scrubs look good on you.
me: Oh thanks!
co-nurse: Yea. Too bad you still look like a kid!

(Day 3)

charge nurse: Whoa! Look’s like you ACTUALLY found some scrubs that fit you!
me: Hey!

(The following week)

nurse tech: Team G! [we were known as Team GANGSTA =P] Those scrubs look good on you.
me: Oh no.. here we go again. (I retell her what the 3 previous coworkers said).
nurse tech: HA! And you STILL look funny!

(And last night)

nurse tech #2:  Hey Soapie Soapie! Are you charge nurse today?
me: Huh? No.
nurse tech: Are you sure? But you look like YOU are in charge!
me: Is it the scrubs?

~ ~ ~

Now, 7 years later… Continue reading

It’s Not About Chivalry

My hands were full.

Clutching a syringe, alcohol swabs, bandaids, and loose leaf papers, I approached the double doors with my filled fist towards my sternum, and my right arm angled outwards, ready to push the lever forward with my forearm and elbow.

Then, through the glass, an older man started towards the entrance, on the opposite side.

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Runnin’ Outta Juice (but I Got This!)

For those of you curious about the outcome of my last post…


September  2010

~ ~ ~

A few weeks ago, I was quietly doing my work when my coworker disrupted the silence.  ”Help! This patient’s down!”  We dashed into the room.

“Does he have a pulse?” we began to assess the patient by calling out his name, feeling for a pulse, rubbing the middle of his chest roughly.


“Begin CPR!!”   Continue reading