Where You Cannot Follow


“those haunted, locked…memories” – Cambodia

Where I go…

you cannot follow.

~ ~ ~

running toward sunlit paths
in a sure, steady rhythm
til an unexpected whisper…

wait –

a familiar voice?

suddenly, a jarring jolt
old wounds inflamed
hot, red, angry

buried far away, those
haunted, locked memories
weeping out of the skin

bursting forth
trauma’s foul stench
overwhelm my nostrils

fear so real, so alive
it terrorizes, imprisons
every cell inside

inner nerves shrieking,
shaking, lashing out.
intense. sharp. pain!

we fight, we wrestle
why do some die
while others survive

plunging further down
a bottomless well
drowning in despair

the darkness of shame
covering like a cloak
obscuring the sky

when will it end?
the torment, the anguish
lurking in the depths…

of my mind.

~ ~ ~

A few weeks ago, I attended a mesmerizing concert featuring Alex Wong and Vienna Teng. They are both amazingly talented, and are some of my fav singer/songwriters. (You may notice they are featured frequently on my blog). Alex’s music is transcending; he strikes melodies with a mallet, kicks beats upon a drum, dances harmonies on the keyboard, and boasts poetic lyrics that take you to another time and place.
After writing this poem, I later realized this song echoes a similar theme, on “leaving somewhere.. going somewhere else… about all the stuff that happened in the middle.”
Currently listening to: Alex Wong – Never Look Back


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