Cambodia, I had dreams!


A not so subtle reminder of what we were up against. Cambodia 2010.

If only my aunt had a walker
she would not have been isolated
legs folded, calves atrophied
upon a grass woven matt.

If only we had pain reliever
to lessen the suffering of my patient.
No access to meds,
he struggled for each breath.

If only hospital workers
didn’t have to beg for basics:
gloves, soap, and masks
to care for AIDS/ TB patients.

If only the nurses were paid
more than $10 per month
they’d work a lil harder
’cause they could feed themselves

Cambodia, I had dreams!
To learn. To understand. To help.

If only it were that easy.

~ ~ ~

written in response to Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge #352

currently listening to: Dear Cloud


3 thoughts on “Cambodia, I had dreams!

  1. I think you listen to more korean music than I do. And also, next time you go to cambodia, I wanna go too! Although… I don’t know how useful I will be there.. but I’d like to meet the fam.

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