Fresh Fridays: Sounds like Fall / Big Boys


one of my fav autumn walks. 2008

Plucked off by the wind,
yellow leaves flutter,
twirl in circles upon descent,
speckle across the street

I walk towards Thoreau path
My favorite part of the ‘hood
A refuge nestled secretly
in an urban concrete village

A retreat for the weary
Tired workers after a 12 hour shift
Families praying for their loved ones
Resting, hoping, healing

Towering above me, trees in a row
The sun’s rays breaking through
Golden light streaming across the branches
Like a pianist’s hands at the keys

Ready to perform a masterpiece
Long fingers stretching over the ivories
The wind whistles and crisp leaves rustle
Oh what a sound! 

~ ~ ~

And since it’s Fresh Friday, a nursing story…

Walking in the room, I introduced myself to my patient. “Hi Alex! How old are you?” I asked.

“BIG!” the little boy blurted, sitting on the exam table.

I chuckled. “You’re a big boy eh? Yes, but how OLD are you?”

He held up all five fingers. “FIVE!” he announced proudly.

A few hours later, I had to give a flu shot to another young boy.

He shuddered as he saw the needle. “Mommy! I’m scared!”

I tried to reassure him. “Well, it might hurt, but only a little.”

He squeezed his eyes closed.

“Try to be still okay? If you move, it will hurt more,” I explained, while wiping his arm with alcohol. “Now tell me about your birthday party…” I slid the needle into his muscle.

“Umm. I had chocolate cake,” he replied, holding onto Mom.

“Ooooh.. I Looooveee chocolate cake,” I said, removing the needle.

He slowly opened his eyes. “Wait.. was that it?!”

“Yep! It’s over.” I placed a bandaid over his skin and tossed the syringe in the sharps container.

“See Mommy? I stayed still just for her! I didn’t cry and it didn’t even hurt,” he boasted.  “I’m a big boy now!”


~ ~ ~

Currently listening:

“Somehow the sun came up,

somehow the beat went on,

they said the sky would swallow us,

but here we are, here we are…”

Here We Are by Ximena Sarinana and Alex Wong

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