The Violet Veins

The beanie cuddles the dark whispers of your hair
tenderly hiding those surgical scars
where staples gripped skin together
years of suffering clipped away
in your gentle smile,
You conquer.

The violet veins on your hands
strong, spongy, healthy
unlike that wretched wound
that cancer left behind
in your hopeful eyes,
You persevere.

The snowflakes upon your hoodie
swirl down with each exhale
a weary, long walk
an important blood test
on your tired legs,
You trudge on.

The crinkle of a plastic bag
you reach in, dropping on my desk
not the pill bottles (that you can’t read anyway)
but candy, wrapped in shiny foil
in your cheerful heart,
You keep giving.

Dear patients…
this is why i’m here.
this is why i’m a nurse.
because it’s a privilege to serve you –

You, yes you,
You inspire me.

~ ~  ~

This post is a response to Day 5 of Write Tribe’s Festival of Words: An Inspiring Story.

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