Winter versus Woman


Round 1. Fight!

“Winter storm warning. Difficult commute home ahead.”

It was deceivingly quiet and beautiful. Twirling flakes sashayed through the air, landing on the ground like a pirouetting ballerina.  Then the sky released its wrath, unleashing layer upon layer of snow. Equipped for battle with my fleece jacket (atop my scrubs, atop my long sleeve T and leggings), mittens, beanie, scarf, 2 pairs of wool socks, snow boots, and coat, I rushed out at 5:45pm, hoping to get home before conditions worsened. It shouldn’t be too bad.. it’s not like it’s a blizzard or anything. Or so I thought.

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Fresh Fridays: You handle snow well

I couldn’t see.  Gobs of ice clung to my glasses and flew into my eyes. Condensation made it worse, my exhalations into my scarf fogged up my lenses.  Oh if only glasses had miniature windshield wipers!

Two weeks ago, a winter storm took us by surprise. It was a horrendous morning commute. I was only a few steps away from the front door, but struggling to move forward. The wind gusts blew cold and fierce, the snow horizontal. I stumbled a bit, Continue reading

When Snow Melts

It is the brunt of February.  The once soft snow, is now rock hard. It clings to the curbs, refusing to melt. Fierce winds blow, piercing my face like a thousand needle pricks. Each second, I shiver, feeling colder and colder.

But inwardly, my heart is warm. As I walk through this storm, God is with me.

I can’t see Him clearly.  When I breathe out the cold air, condensation fogs up my glasses and my vision becomes hazy.

But He sees me.

And He knows.

I have much to be thankful for.

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“What happens when snow melts?

It becomes spring.”

– Kana, in Takaya’s Fruits Basket