Fresh Fridays: Great Expectations

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked, my eyes focused on the vaccine and supplies in my hands.

“An R.N.” he replied, without hesitation.

I paused and looked up.

The 14 year old stared back at me, just waiting.

“An RN?” I asked (as if I needed clarification). I felt guilty for expecting him to answer a football player.  Usually when I asked teen boys what their plans were after high school, they almost always said they wanted to play football.

Because they assume it’s their only ticket out of poverty. Living in the ghetto and attending failing schools, no one else has told them otherwise. Continue reading

Sweet Autumn Mornings


autumn mornings, new england. october, 2014.

Glimpsing beyond the shutters, one eye half open, I gasped in awe.

Breaking through the clouds, a radiant light shone upon the trees. Its autumn leaves basked in the sun, reflecting a golden hue.  The last time I saw the sun magnify like that was during a chilly November in Versailles, France. When the sun’s rays shone upon the palace exterior at sunset, the rich yellow walls melted into a luminous gold.

I had a piece of Versailles outside my window.  Continue reading