Singing in the Rain


Streets of Hope

Walking down streets lined with books and seeing titles like Streets of Hope, sparked a gleeful skip into my step. Never having been to Portland, Oregon before, it was already beginning to exceed my expectations.  In February, we visited for an all-girls trip, to commemorate my sister-in-law’s engagement. Continue reading


Ode to Summer

larger than life piano. montreal botanical garden.

larger than life piano. montreal botanical garden.

Where did summer go? Can you stay for awhile?
Sand in our toes, we slurped ice cream by the beach
on warm, sleeveless nights, we lingered, walked a mile
green mountains, or city lights, all in our reach. Continue reading

Where it All Begins

I did not look forward to my birthday.  Actually, I dreaded it.

It was a routine, mundane morning.  My coworker had bought a cake and a card, but it was for our colleague who was moving.  Secretly, I was relieved. (I don’t usually like being the center of attention.)  But that didn’t last long.

“Each person around the table has to describe Soapie using one encouraging word.” My friend recited the rules of the game over a planned-at-the-last-minute dinner.   We always play this game during birthdays with the church fam, but this was the first time they were playing the game on my behalf.

Stupendously Continue reading

How He Loves

With eager anticipation, I rushed to the airport to depart for my trip, a reunion with good friends.  But things did not go as planned.

In seconds, minutes, hours, all my excitement plummeted into disappointment. My flight was delayed. I was rescheduled onto a different flight. I missed my connection anyway. I was stranded in a foreign city.  Customer service was not helpful. My hotel was expensive. My late dinner grew cold because I was too busy fighting the vending machine that ate my dollar.

But the next morning, the sun shined. Finally…

S.H.E. reunion

a long awaited reunion with my girlfriends

S.H.E. reunion…! It had been over a year since Continue reading