Versatile Blogger Award / Dona Nobis Pacem

Last week’s tumultuous weather really dragged me down… (winter storm from last week? watch for the upcoming blog post on it!) Is there such thing as emotional jet lag? Cuz since I returned from Asia, I have been jumping through one hurdle after another…

So I interrupt all this funk to share my excitement in being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m a former xangan for over a decade so certainly not new to the blogging community.. but after migrating to WP I definitely felt like a small fish in a giant pond. This award reminds me that perhaps we are more connected than we think.. =)

A big thank you to HongKongFong for the nomination. She’s a talented photographer and blogger who captures the beauty in the everyday –  in her life and all the colors, cultures, and cuisines that compose Hong Kong. (She’s also a fellow oboist! YEA oboes!)

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Fresh Fridays: Blood / Exposed

another thing I’m thankful for: the colors of autumn. (2011).

Back in the day, when I was workin’ in the Southmost my colleagues were white, black, or Latino.

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Till Our Bellies Ache


my Khmer dance students dancing to a Swahili song, sung by our African brothers & sisters. 2012.

I am so thankful for…

working in a cross cultural community where we learn and grow together.

We may be from different places, peoples, and languages, but when we laugh, it is the same. We laugh till our bellies ache and our eyes water. There is richness deep in the spirit, working with people of different cultures and backgrounds. It’s quite beautiful, actually. (And great fun, too!)  See below, just a few of my fond memories (and experiences of recent):

a few  years ago

african american coworker: (speaking chinese) bu hao… (he shakes his head as he is working on my other coworker’s computer)

me: (I abruptly turn around, realizing he just spoke chinese) What did you say?!

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