The Reason Behind My (Blogging) Absence


Spring 2016. BIG news, the beginning of a new season of our lives…

A few quotes from my patients over the course of the last several months…

patient #1: “Whoa. You’re finally gaining some weight. You look good, stay this way!”

patient #2: “Aiyah.. Your face got fat!”

patient #3: “Look at you.. now did you swallow a watermelon or what?”

patient #4: “I can’t believe you are still here. Why are you still working…?”

patient #5: “Do you like yellow?”

me: “I do!”

patient #5: “Great! IĀ  already started knitting a yellow blanket.”

patient #6:Ā  (in Spanish) “Which side do you sleep on at night, your right or your left?”

me: “La izquierda” (left)

patient #6: “It’s a girl!”

me: “How did you know?!”

~ ~ ~

A few months ago, I delivered a healthy baby girl. (Whoo hoo! I survived labor and delivery!) I am now not only a nurse, but also, a momma! (Whoa! It feels so weird to say that!)

The way Western medicine is practiced, boundaries are set to define the provider – patient relationship. So the provider does all the inquiry, takes all the history of the patient, gets to know them… and it’s pretty much one way. The patient doesn’t really have much opportunity to get to know the provider unless the provider is open to sharing it, but it’s not required. For the most part, I’m a pretty private person when it comes to caring for my patients – I focus on learning about them to better care for them, and share very little about myself.

However, one of the most beautiful things about working during my pregnancy was all the support and encouragement I received from my patients as I interacted with them during those 9 months. Like all these years that I have been caring for them… now, they had the opportunity to do that in return. When they shared their congratulations, they asked how I was doing, and replied with excitement, wisdom, and parenting advice.Ā  A few patients even prayed for me and my baby, right in the middle of the nurse’s station. Although some of them were more sarcastic and straightforward than others, I knew their comments were steeped in genuine affection for me. And I was incredibly blessed.

Despite not having blogged the entirety of the pregnancy, and even now into my days of newborn parenting (ah! the sleep deprivation!!!!) I still experienced such profound and poignant moments while caring for my patients, and as we approach the new year, perhaps I’ll get around to blogging them… eventually. =)


14 thoughts on “The Reason Behind My (Blogging) Absence

  1. Congratulations, Sophia! Such a sweet blessing. Praying that being a mom would give you even more opportunities to praise Him. Hugs, CL

  2. Sophia! CONGRATS on your baby girl!!!!!! Welcome to motherhood! šŸ™‚ I look forward to hearing about your new exciting journey as a mom!

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