You Call that an Apology?

My sister sent my friends and I a video on facebook recently, and she said, “Look, it’s my sister!”

Of course I’m not Miss Colorado, but her voice, her monologue… that could have been me. She’s a nurse, in a pony tail and sneakers (my signature look 24/7) and she shared about one defining moment in her career that reminded her of why she became a nurse.

Watching this video made me beam with pride and joy. Because sometimes, when I come home after getting yelled at by patients, when my feet hurt from hard hospital floors all day, when my scrubs, shoes, glasses, face are soiled with all kinds of body fluids, when my heart is heavy because I did everything I could but my patient is still dying or their family is dying, when my mind is burdened by a diagnosis I just can’t figure out, when I’m at a loss for words about how to cope with all the heavy cases I embraced today and how do I bounce back and face the challenges again tomorrow…then to watch one of my fellow nurse colleagues on stage, in front of America, deliver a speech like that- it reminds me…

yes, this, indeed, is why I’m a nurse. (If I didn’t love my job, I wouldn’t have dedicated a whole blog to it…)

To my dismay, I later read online about how “The View,” an ABC talk show, mocked Miss Colorado and by doing so, mocked all nurses (and other allied health professionals) by saying “why is she wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?” and “after she read her monologue…I mean.. that’s not talent.”

My jaw dropped. I was appalled.

They completely disregarded her message and instead bashed her on her uniform, her stethoscope, and it not being a “talent.” If they actually listened, they would’ve heard her say she is NOT JUST A NURSE. She’s a LIFESAVER.

There are other nurses who’ve responded more eloquently than I, but I’ll just add that the “apology” that the talk show hosts issued on The View and their twitter accounts wasn’t an apology at all. There wasn’t an ounce of sincerity in their statements ~ a real apology would demonstrate humility and regret for their ignorance, acknowledgement of the damaging and destructive consequences of their words AND attitudes towards nurses and the nursing profession, and finally, exhibit an authentic understanding of the real work that us nurses do, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I don’t usually rant on my blog, but just wanted to share about how proud I am to be a nurse…

and that I will never watch ABC’s “The View” again.


23 thoughts on “You Call that an Apology?

  1. I have a lot of respect for anyone in the medical field because I know it’s a job I can’t ever trust myself to take on. It’s a shame how people these days still devalue people in your industry.

    • thanks so much Connie. it’s sad and pathetic that others would find it humorous or fun to criticize and mock another’s profession. but especially nurses… the very people who care for the nation’s health! you’re right, it’s such a shame.

  2. Very well said. The hosts’ attempt at an apology was more than lacking. I’ve always thought the show seemed like a group of women bullying and bashing others so I’ve never been drawn to the show. Now they’ve angered a very large and powerful workforce and I’m sure they’re feeling the consequences of doing so. (Johnson & Johnson has paused their advertising with the show because of what was said!).

  3. It’s the sad state of the modern world where a woman of high value who provides critical services and is on the front line of saving lives can be casually criticized by folks on a TV set spouting vacuous opinions- whose group value to society is questionable at best.

  4. I encourage you to read my personal response to this incident as it seems you have based your outrage on biased articles reporting the story and did not actually watch “The View” video clip in question and blindly accepted what others wrote. Your opinion is certainly valid, but the way you have written it suggests no legitimate reason for you taking the stance that you have because the evidence you present is all based on hearsay from what you “have read online” –

    • Hi Brackattacksmovies,
      I read your post on your own site and would kindly like to reply with a few thoughts.

      First of all, I’d like to clarify that although I initially read “The View”‘s response, I did not form any opinion until watching the clip myself. Thus I was not “blindly” accepting what others said, nor was it “hearsay,” as you incorrectly claim. I watched the clip in its entirety prior to writing this post. I am not one of those bloggers that merely jump on the bandwagon and comment on viral issues, nor an “overzealous blogger” “eager” for clicks on my website as you write about in your post.

      Since you stated that my post has “no legitimate reason” for taking my stance, I will explain.

      The View’s comment in particular that is especially insulting to me is by Michelle Collins:

      “She basically read her emails out loud and surprisingly did not win….She (Johnson) treats patients with Alzheimer’s, which is not funny, but you have to Google it (her performance).”

      To me, her comment demonstrates her lack of respect for nurses. By focusing on her scrubs, stating she “surprisingly did not win,” reveals that she did not actually listen to the CONTENT of her monologue, which is that she is ‘not just a nurse’ but she is a LIFESAVER.

      I found her mocking laughter and joke not funny at all. It was more offensive than Joy Bahar’s comment about a “doctor’s stethoscope.” Indeed.. a stethoscope is a tool that many health professionals use to diagnose and assess patients, that are not only used by doctors. However if Bahar indeed is completely unaware and has no idea about who uses them, then I can forgive her for that.

      But it’s Collins remark (and her twitter posts that she has since deleted), and her attempt at an apology that are disappointing:

      “I was not talking about her as a nurse, and we were talking about the talent competition and it got misconstrued.”

      If you look at her previous quote, she most definitely was talking about her AS A NURSE – she even mentioned she treats patients with alzheimer’s. She is directly attacking nurses there. Using the word “misconstrued” is not correct at all – it is her trying to blame shift rather than own up to her own judgmental behavior. She could have been humble in her apology and shown real humility, but unfortunately I did not see that.

      We nurses work hard to provide quality care for our patients, and most of the time, get treated pretty badly – when you are in pain, naturally you take it out on the person in front of you, and in the hospital, it’s always the nurse. But it’s one thing to be unappreciated by someone who is not feeling well so they cannot express it – versus being mocked by women on television who sit around a table and criticize others.

      Thus I wrote this post because I’m a nurse, I was hurt by The View’s comments, and I think they should take responsibility for them. I purposely chose not to go into this much detail in my post, because I wanted to focus on the positive work of nurses and not the negative comments by others. However since you replied, I hope my explanation gives a better understanding, and if you need further clarification, I will try my best.


  5. There are a lot of people who are out of touch with reality, working class people, everyday people who go un-thanked and un-noticed. And so it’s not really surprising that “entertainers” and a gossip TV show would mouth-off without considering what they were saying. I watched the apology and it’s evident that they didn’t want to just say – “I’m sorry” and take responsibility for their words. Miss Colorado did something different, she brought a different talent to the competition. And being different “Why is she wearing a stethoscope?” is sadly, not readily seen, appreciated or accepted.

    • i’m so glad to read your comment that you felt the same way… the apology looked totally forced and insincere; i would have rather not watched their lame apology at all. it’s disappointing that not only in pageants do people focus only on appearance and superficial qualities, but as a nation that is what we deem as valuable as well. The VIEW could have so much positive influence,but rather than encouraging and supporting Miss Colorado they mocked her and shot her and all nurses down. sad indeed.

  6. Oh, my gosh! Miss Colorado’s monologue was so touching. I don’t watch The View. I imagine it’s a lot of gossip and careless comedy. They can’t take away from the excellent work nurses do every day. I don’t think I’m alone in holding nurses in high respect. Thank you for your hard work.

    • you’re right~ nurses will continue to work hard regardless of the gossip and banter people spread on TV. but I do feel it’s important to call them [The VIEW] out on their rudeness and condescending attitude towards nurses, to educate others about what nurses ACTUALLY do, and to advocate and support the nursing profession. thank you so much Nikki for your kind words!

  7. I’m not surprised that you are annoyed. Nurses are the unsung heros of healthcare – and certainly in the UK – are very much overworked and underpaid. Stay proud and ignore the idiots. Half the doctors would collapse if they actually had to get their hands dirty at work I’m sure.

    • Haha.. Maybe so! I enjoy working with my physician colleagues, we’re all part of the team in caring for our patients. There is no doubt though, it is dirty work and were mostly under appreciated. Thanks so much for your encouragement !

  8. When this first came out, I was wondering why all my nurse and dr friends were posting pictures with their stethoscope. It wasn’t until I saw Miss Colorado’s video (which was incredibly moving btw) and the View’s video that I figured out what was going on. Some people just speak out of their asses and remind us how clueless they can be! I, unfortunately, was hospitalized a few months ago and the people I saw 98% of the time were nurses! They are truly the voices, hands and ears of the Drs. Anyone who doesn’t realize that has never been seriously ill.

  9. Judging by the ratings on that video and the amount of people watching the message, “The View” are in a total minority. I wouldn’t worry about them and instead celebrate the fact that she got through to so many others.

    Here’s to nurses, doctors, and all the other lifesavers!

    • Indeed- if there is any positive outcome from all this, it’s that it has opened up a glimpse into how vital and important our work is, that is not meant to be belittled, and it’s enabled us nurses to unite together.

      Thanks so much for your encouragement !

  10. I completely and utterly agree with you. I am appalled at the way the hosts of the View tried to backtrack by bringing nurses on the show to ‘show that they were sorry’. How utterly ridiculous. She and every other nurse deserves all the respect in the world. To think anyone could shame them in this way is so demeaning. I don’t get the show here where I live and I am glad too. Kudos to you and your ilk. ❤

  11. i heard about this. well, read about it, actually. since i live in south east asia. i’m glad she decided to do what she did in the talent part of the show. talent doesn’t always have to mean music, singing, dancing. there is a wide variety of skills and talents out there that need to be recognized and for people to see to acknowledge them. time has changed, so does the programs of these type of show/competition. there should be a focus more than just physical beauty and ‘peace in the world’ speech. i wonder if one day they would make all contestants to have certain social related experiences as part of a requirement to take part of the competition.

  12. i’ve been so disconnected, I didn’t even realize this had happened! surprisingly enough my collaborating MD also mentioned “the view” today and told me not to think anything of what those silly women say. LOL I didn’t know what he was talking about but this post brings me up to date! thanks. People will say anything for television ratings. I think anyone who bashes a nurse has never been ill or in the hospital before. If they have, they’d soon realize a good nurse is their lifeline.

  13. sigh* i’m glad you wrote this!! i actually didn’t get to watch her monologue until now, but it was very touching. you guys are the lifesavers. maybe entertainers.. are JUST entertainers. 😛

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