fleeting New England summer days

fleeting New England summer days

A faint, violet ring, outlined with blue edges, instantly caught my attention.

Her gaze was fixed on the floor.

Without any evidence, I couldn’t jump to any conclusions.

“It looks like it hurts. Are you okay?”

Her bangs swept low beneath her forehead, but I could still see the ring surrounding her eye. I knew she was avoiding me.

“I fell,” she explained.

“Oh…” I nodded.  “No one hit you?” I needed to confirm she was safe.

She shook her head. “No. And that’s not what I’m here for,” she interjected.

“Okay, but…”

She didn’t wait for an answer. Before I knew it, she hurried out the door.

I followed her, the bright daylight blinding me as I emerged from the clinic. “Can you come back tomorrow? We really want to help you,” I slid an appointment card into her hand.

She continued walking forward and pushed the card away. It was a hot summer afternoon; the rays scorched my arms.

Then, she turned around, and looked at me directly in the face, like she was ready for combat.

“NO ONE cares about me,” she pronounced.  She hurled her words like weapons, aiming them towards my chest.

UGH. The words seared into my sternum. Stunned by her accusation, I froze for a brief second.

“We DO care about you…” I defended, my legs trying to catch up to her.

Only the wind heard me.

She had disappeared into the sun.


16 thoughts on “Wounded

  1. So sad. I could never understand domestic abuse, why women would stay in such relationships, but as you get older, you gain a wider scope of knowledge and so, yes, you begin to understand, a little.

    • unfortunately i can’t give further details nor confirm/deny anything but i do agree with you that in general domestic abuse is sad … it shouldn’t happen but it does, and then it’s often overlooked and under reported. =(

  2. I hope that she comes back to the clinic. Perhaps that was her first step in seeking help and it just might take a few more tries until she’s ready. Who knows – the simple act of telling her that you care may have been something she hasn’t heard in a very long time!

    • thanks. it’s a difficult situation, you know? i’m sure you’ve been in it hundreds of times, feeling powerless and wanting to do more but not being able to, or the recipient not quite ready for help yet. i have the same hope you do. thanks so much for your comment. =)

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