Fresh Fridays: Is it the Scrubs?

a ridiculous post dedicated to my uniform.
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February 9, 2008

I tossed out my old scrubs and bought brand new ones because a new policy at work required all the nurses to wear the same color.  Ever since, the comments haven’t stopped…

(Day 1 of wearing new scrubs)

secretary: Dang Soapie! Look at you! Those scrubs look good on you! You look like you’re a REAL nurse!
me: Huh?
secretary: Like you come in here to get your sh*t done! You look older, more mature, like a REAL nurse!
me: What’re you saying?! I didn’t look like a ‘real nurse’ these past 2 years then?
secretary: *laughs*  yeah!

(Day 2)

co-nurse: Hey Soapie! Those scrubs look good on you.
me: Oh thanks!
co-nurse: Yea. Too bad you still look like a kid!

(Day 3)

charge nurse: Whoa! Look’s like you ACTUALLY found some scrubs that fit you!
me: Hey!

(The following week)

nurse tech: Team G! [we were known as Team GANGSTA =P] Those scrubs look good on you.
me: Oh no.. here we go again. (I retell her what the 3 previous coworkers said).
nurse tech: HA! And you STILL look funny!

(And last night)

nurse tech #2:  Hey Soapie Soapie! Are you charge nurse today?
me: Huh? No.
nurse tech: Are you sure? But you look like YOU are in charge!
me: Is it the scrubs?

~ ~ ~

Now, 7 years later…

(Several months ago)

4 year old: Ming (Aunty) Soapie?
me: Yes?
4 year old: Do you do laundry?
me: *jaw drop* What…
4 year old: Because…
me: Are you askin’ me because I wear the same thing [scrubs] every day?!
4 year old: *smiles* Well me and my mom go to the laundromat to wash clothes…

(This afternoon)

coworker: I noticed our other coworker got some new scrubs…
me: Man, I still be wearin’ the same scrubs for almost 10 years…
coworker: *cackles* We KNOW that, ain’t nobody asked you if you been shoppin’!

(In Chinatown, still in scrubs, approached by visitors from NYC)

random mom: Is it ok to park here?
husband:  I think it’s okay
random mom and daughter: Oh okay good. Thanks!!
random young woman: (whispering as she is staring at me) I think she’s a nurse…

(Same night, in Chinatown, approached by a random car)

guy in front seat: Hey wasssuupppp *reaches hands out to us as they try to park*
us: Hiiii *shakes hands* (who are these people?)
guy in front seat: We’re visiting from Cali. Is there a good pho place around here?
me: There’s one at the corner.
guy in front seat: (talking to my husband) Coo…
guy in back seat: (talking to me) Hey, are you a nurse?
me: I am.
guy in back seat: MAD RESPECT YO, MAD RESPECT. (talking to my husband) Hey, are you with her?
husband: Yes.
guy in back seat: *fist bumps with my husband* Take care of her man. She’s a nurse and takes care of others, so you got to take care of her.

LOL. It’s about time people recognized that we nurses deserve respect…


~ ~ ~

Fresh Fridays are posts dedicated to the lighthearted side of being a nurse. This series is hard to keep up, and as you may have noticed, I went on a 2 mth hiatus recently because life has been so busy! But I aspire to blog more often and keep on sharing inspiring and compelling stories. For my few readers out there, thanks for all the encouragement friends! =D


9 thoughts on “Fresh Fridays: Is it the Scrubs?

  1. That is hilarious. Your new scrubs must not only have a different colour but are tailored differently that the old one as well. At least it fits well, from the sounds of it…very professional 😀

    • hahahaha. that’s what makes this funny; back when i first got the scrubs that was the impression because the ones i used to wear didn’t fit well and were over sized. but i’ve since been wearing the same pairs for almost 10 years and now everyone jokes about it that i need new ones. =P

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