Into the Deep


Above the clouds, the sun peeks through. October 2014.

Beckoning me to the light, the sun shines
Pulling the covers over my head, I hide
Drawing me into the deep, sleep hovers
Shutting my eyes closed, I drift

It’s a new day.
I am home now,
but all I see is blood.

The moment I arrived
It was a race.
Drew labs. Infused fluids.

No matter how much we poured in
It continued to drain out
Puddles and pools of your
Thick, crimson, blood.

A steady pulse,
Stable blood pressure,
Legs still strong,
You pressed on

When you slept, I studied
Like a child caring for their parent
The wince in your brow
The tossing and turning

Into your veins, I transfused
Donated blood to replace
All the liters you’ve lost…
Maybe it wasn’t enough.

Sorry you had no sleep
Hope they figure things out
May you find rest
After a harrowing night

Leaving the hospital, the wind howled
Returning to my abode, I unwound
Searching for solace, sleep summoned.
Opening my heart, I knelt.

It’s a new day.
I am home now.
But all I can do is pray.

~ ~ ~

NaBloPoMo November 2014

I might be tired, but still ambitious- going to attempt to blog everyday in November for National Blog Posting Month. Anyone else interested in blogging daily? Let’s do it together!

3 thoughts on “Into the Deep

  1. i can sense your true caring nature from this poem, and the worries you must face while staying true to your profession. i hope all of your prayers are answered. your patients are lucky to have you to take care of them.

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