Fresh Fridays: Take Your Shoes Off


photo credit: CJS*64 via photopin cc

In the clinic…

“Take your shoes off please, I need to get your weight,” the medical assistant instructed.

“What?” The patient asked. “Am I about to board a plane or something?”


~ ~ ~

“Tell me what you see when I point to it,” the medical assistant said. He tested the patient’s vision by pointing to an eye chart with symbols on it.

“Heart. Boat. Triangle. Uhhhh….” The 4 year old squinted as she tried to read the last symbol in the row.

Leaning against the wall, her 5 year old brother watched her struggling.

“Star,” he whispered softly, but loud enough so she could hear.

“Star!” She blurted.

I chuckled. “Aww… she has to answer by herself and tell us what she sees, no cheating!”

~ ~ ~

And retelling a story my coworker shared with me…

A different day, a young boy is reading the symbols off the eye chart.

“Star.. Uhh…”

The medical assistant pointed to a flag symbol.

“Puerto Rico!”

Then she pointed to a heart symbol.

“That’s a looovveee!” he bellowed with a deep Barry Manilow voice.

~ ~ ~
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6 thoughts on “Fresh Fridays: Take Your Shoes Off

  1. Awwwww, that’s sweet. Kids can be so funny. I’m living it now. Oftentimes I laugh at what my little ones say.
    Thanks for sharing something light and sweet to start the weekend.

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