New Year’s Wish (part 1 of 2)

If you’re curious, my last post was fiction, but inspired by a true story. Usually I like to reblog this around New Year’s Eve, but decided to share it with you today.
~ ~ ~

December 31, 2008

“Where’s the party?” he smiled mischievously. 

His arm stretched out, offering me a party hat.  His yellow skin seemed dusky and dark against his beaming, hopeful eyes.  Despite his poor prognosis and being on the transplant list, he still searched for a reason to celebrate. 

I grinned and gave in. 

“Just for you,” I said, pulling the party hat over my head. 

Facing the nurse’s station, he glossed over the scene- nurses, nursing assistants, secretaries, and residents all continuing about their work. Bustling along the halls, no one paused, not even for a minute. 

“What? No one is celebrating?! You guys are no fun.  Everyone is too busy working.”  He pushed his wheelchair quietly along the hallway.

In between passing medications, I stopped briefly to toast in the new year with a cheap cup of ice cream. 

“Any wishes for the new year?” I asked, although I already knew the answer.

“A transplant” he said.  “I know it’s not up to me, and I shouldn’t be involved until they call me saying one is ready..but until then… I’m ready…”

~ ~ ~

After the weekend, I returned back to work expecting to see him… but he had been discharged. Or transferred. 

I don’t want to pry, but I really hope he got his New Year’s wish.


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