When Tragedy Stems Hope

Hanging up the phone, her hand trembled. She flung the packed duffel into the trunk, then bolted upstairs.

“Honey, wake up. Let’s go.”

Still asleep, his jaundiced skin glowed at night.

“The transplant team called…”

His eyes widened.

“A liver is available.”

~ ~ ~


18 thoughts on “When Tragedy Stems Hope

    • Props! That’s awesome. Indeed, organs are desperately needed and some organs can be from living donors- I have a friend who was in kidney failure and had her whole family tested to see if they were a match. Only to later learn her husband was a match so he have her one of his kidneys! She has a brand new life now.

  1. I love the hints you sprinkle throughout–the packed duffel, the jaundiced skin–but the last line still packs a punch.

  2. Odd but cool how tossing the duffel in the trunk then running up the stairs makes perfect sense a few words later : )

  3. Wow. That would certainly be a reason to run. I love how you bring your nursing life into your writing, intentionally or not. Nice storytelling.

    • Thanks so much! Indeed… When working with life and death, it can be a lot to absorb so writing helps me to process everything, but also there are so many heartbreaking and redeeming stories I feel compelled to share. Thanks for your encouragement!

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