To Destroy You is No Loss

Behind cell walls…

“You ‘re a high ranking officer, aren’t you?!”



By morning, guards returned. “I couldn’t sleep last night…”

“Me too, that stench…”


Our eyes widened. Hearts pounding.

We must escape.

Tonight, after dark. 

When you see this…


we run.

~ ~ ~



22 thoughts on “To Destroy You is No Loss

  1. I immediately knew what this was about from the title. Pol Pot and the Cambodian genocide. The tags just confirmed it.

      • I read a bunch of articles on Wikipedia some time ago about the Cambodian genocide, Pol Pot, the Tuol Sleng Prison, various survivors, Cambodia in general, related issues, etc., when I was writing a poem about the Cambodian genocide. Horrific, horrific stuff, what went on. Just absolutely totally and completely sickening what people do to each other, how sick some people are. The photos of the prisoners, the skulls, etc., really haunting…

  2. ah! really like the start. please don’t be one of those authors who doesn’t finish what they start, that’s the most difficult part of being a fan reader. The reader puts themself at the mercy of the writer, once you have someone on the edge of their seat, it’s just cruel to leave them there forever. All that said, I look forward to your future book 🙂

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