How to Save a Life

Did something, or someone, hit the floor?

She peered in.

His body slumped. Pulseless.


Feet ablaze.

“I’m tired,” my coworker gasped.

“I’ll jump in.” I pushed deep, fast.  I am his heart now.

“Vfib. Let’s shock him!”

“All clear?”





(does he make it?! if you’re curious, read the rest here!)


23 thoughts on “How to Save a Life

  1. As a heart attack survivor, this is especially moving for me. Nurses and doctors save lives every day and I always wonder how that makes them feel. Hope they(you) know they are loved. Thanks for sharing this.

    • hi meg, you are a heart attack survivor? that must have been a scary time…was it? i’m glad you have recovered and can share about it.

      as a nurse, i care for my patients as though they are my own family member. but sometimes when people are sick, especially in the hospital, they are not always appreciative because they don’t feel well and don’t express it well…those days can be challenging.

      so your comment means so much to me… i sincerely thank you. =)

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