It Hurts, But I’ll Stay Awhile

When my arms reach up, hooking onto a cold metal pole
life saving fluids, to replenish your dry, frail body
I notice, the eyes of someone staring back at me
inside a photo frame, upon the window sill.

Oh! Is that you?
Hair streaked with golden light?
Arm around your friend’s shoulder?
Your life…before your illness?

So, I linger.

When your granddaughter rests her chin
upon that bed, her hand holding yours,
she whispers softly but firmly,
“Grandpa…? Grandpa…? Wake up…”

Listening to your breathing
Counting the rise & fall of your chest
How do I tell her, you might never wake up?
Inside, my heart breaks

So, I linger.

When 3 long, difficult nights have passed
tired feet aching, from meeting your requests
to empty the commode, to resolve the pain,
because you could not do it on your own…

With antibiotics, with rest,
you recover, your true self emerges
A storyteller, an adventurer.
We are more alike than I thought; we could be friends!

So, I linger.

When I walk into the room, needle in hand,
your face lowered, looking at the ground,
you inch away, as I inch closer
“I’m scared,” you confess, in your dialect.

Don’t be nervous, it only hurts a little. 
Your face brightens, eyes widen.
“You understand me! You speak my language!”
Yes, I do. I smile. I most certainly do.

So, I linger.

~ ~ ~

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt: Linger.


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