Fishing in an Ocean of Sorrow

how a community survives... (Tai O, Hong Kong)

Survivin’. Day by Day. (Tai O, HK)

“Help…” you plead.


No medications.

No ride to an appointment.

No food.

If we provide today…

what happens next month?

“I’m sorry, I can’t guarantee…”

“No one understands me!”



Dial tone.

That wasn’t what I meant. 

~ ~ ~

This post is in response to Trifextra: Week 103 on Trifecta’s Writing Challenge.


11 thoughts on “Fishing in an Ocean of Sorrow

  1. nice! is that your photo? 😀

    It’s so hard to imagine living like that where there are just so many uncertainties. i guess my parents lived like that and i was too young to remember. they didn’t take me to the hospital for a lot of things.. even when i was in bed with a fever and couldn’t open my eyes for a 2 weeks. I probably could have died. 😛

    • indeed.. the dial tone was not a welcomed sound after that conversation -_- …

      alas this is life, learning to climb obstacles and persevere through them… while loving others at the same time. thank you so much for reading and commenting. =)

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