Exposed ankles

where to from here? (winter 2008)

where to from here? (winter 2008)

Panting, you shuffled in.
Flushed cheeks, silver hair
Eyebrows furrowed
Rocking back and forth
“I need to see my doctor…”

Scribbling notes in my head
Breathing improved
Color pink, speech clear

Quiet, I listened
Determined priority

Too many patients
Too little time
“Sorry there are no
appointments today.
Come tomorrow?”

You nodded. Sighed.
Dropped your head.
Lowered your eyes
Avoid meeting mine.
Then I noticed-

Exposed ankles, wet socks.
Ice soaked on canvas.
“Wait, how…
did you get here?”
I inquired.

“Only 20 minutes walk.”
You shrugged nonchalantly.
Walking in winter
Is nothing compared to
Escaping minefields.

If only I could give you
a doctor’s appointment
to treat your pain
boots, to keep your feet dry
a car, to shield you from snow.

If only you had
family, survived from war
friends, in the community
English speaking skills
to survive in America.

Still, maybe if I had everything
and maybe if you had everything
I still wouldn’t understand
what life is like
to walk in your shoes.

Currently listening: The Piano Guys – Beethoven’s Five Secrets

6 thoughts on “Exposed ankles

  1. Brilliant poem and amazing music/video. Wow. Did you write this? Is this something that comes from your own personal experience? Thank you so much for sharing it. It’s enriched my day.
    Blessings =)

  2. i kept trying to think of how i would handle everything compared to the filipinos on our trip. maybe we’re just way too spoiled. 😛 everything they had to deal with.. didn’t seem to phase us. i think they found it funny when we were running around bc of the cockroaches, rats, etc..

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