Peruvian, English, French, Emerati Kit Kats. Oh, & Blueberry.


Today’s Kit Kat Review gets more global. Although most of the unique flavors are from Japan, Kit Kats are sold elsewhere too. 

Fall-Winter 2010 recap.

16. Kit Kats from Peru!! (pictured above) My friend’s husband was travelling all over the world and contributed to our obsession. It was good. Not as sugary as American Kit Kat.


kit kats from England

17, 18 . English Kit Kats: Regular Milk Chocolate (MC) and Dark Chocolate(DC) variety. (Did you know Kit Kat was originally made in England? In fact, the first non chocolate flavored Kit Kat came out in England  in 1996.)

I like dark Kit Kat because it’s not as sweet as the regular MC. The English MC tastes just like the American counterpart.


bluberry kitkat

19. Blueberry Kit Kat. My coworker’s brother visited  Japan and gifted her this Kit Kat, which she kindly saved for me.

It tasted a bit bizarre… almost as gross as Apple kit kat.  I don’t know how Nestle messed this up, because usually chocolate covered blueberries are one of my fav. snacks. Rating:  D. ~_~’


kit kat balls and hazlenut ‘senses’

Found these in France. They had other varieties too, mostly nut variations, but I didn’t buy them because I thought I’d buy them later during our trip. (Yea, that theory never works. If you see something while you’re traveling, buy it then because you might never come across it again!)

20 . Kit Kat Balls are unbelievably crunchy. REALLY CRUNCHY. My friend Hsiao loved em. Hsiao’s rating: A / My Rating: B

21. Kit Kat SENSES are hazlenut filled. They taste really rich. Can you imagine a Kit Kat that has more richness than crutchiness? (Is that even possible? Apparently, it is..)  I liked it, but Hsiao not so much. Hsiao’s rating: C / My Rating: A

kit kats from Dubai

kit kats from Dubai

22.Kit Kats from Dubai, UAE! Caramel Chunky Kit Kat – Caramel with extra wafers. tastes like it sounds.. Rating: C (also pictured, Regular MC and DC)

Alas, the flavors from today’s post were less exotic than usual (trust me, kit kats can get really weird…) but they are still fun to try, no matter where they come from. =) Stay tuned for more Kit Kat postings, because I think I have at least 40 more flavors to catalog… =)


4 thoughts on “Peruvian, English, French, Emerati Kit Kats. Oh, & Blueberry.

  1. I would never have imagined Kit Kats would take off like this and have so many different flavors worldwide. As a kid I was never a fan, it was one of the few candies I would actually throw away from my Halloween bucket. Now I’m mad to try all the different flavors the next time I visit Japan. We only get green tea and passion fruit here.

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