Sakura Matcha, Chili, Big Matcha, Apple, and Framboise

Here’s the next batch of crazy Kit Kat flavors!  (Most of these are non seasonal items so you can probably still find them in Japan.)

10. Sakura Matcha Kit Kat (gifted from my fellow Kit Kat Connoisseur, Esther) ~ Spring 2010


Sakura Matcha Kit Kat

The color of the Kit Kat was lighter than the usual green tea. It wasn’t as sweet either. Still, unremarkable to me. Rating: C+

11. Kit Kat Yawatayaisogoro Ichimi – [Hot Japanese Chili Flavor Kit Kat ] Shinshu Limited. Came in a nice gift box and shiny wrappers.


Hot Japanese Chili Flavor Kit Kat

Apparently, some Kit Kat flavors are unique to certain regions of Japan. I was completely delighted to have these rare finds from my friend visiting Japan (Arigato, Kallianne!  Dark chocolate, slightly bitter, not sweet. With a subtle kick of spice at the end near the back of the tongue.  Rating: C+

12. Big matcha green tea Kit Kat bar


big matcha green tea

As with all the other green tea varieties, the white chocolate dyed green was a bit sweet. Rating: C

13. Apple Kit Kat- Shinshu Limited Edition


Apple Kit Kat, with cute gift packaging

Strawberries get covered in chocolate, and bananas dipped in chocolate. But apples? Who dips apples in chocolate? (The box pictured, was a gift from Kallianne.)

On a recent trip to LA, my friend Hsiao gifted us with an assorted box of Kit Kats, and we had a “Guess that flavor” Kit Kat tasting, where my friends Esther and her brother Josh got to try this flavor.  Check our their faces!

Josh: Eww what is this?!

Esther: oh my gah.. ! That’s so nasty!!!

These Kit Kats were so gross, that Esther fell over in disgust. Yes, that appalling! As for me, I like apples, and I like chocolate, but after tasting this I realized I don’t like ’em together.   Rating: D

14. Framboise Kit Kat! aka Raspberry Cheesecake

Framboise kit kat

The pursuit for Kit Kats is serious. My friend Mimi found these in Southeast Asia, flew them to the States, then took another flight up to bring these to me. It was surprisingly delicious. There was a nice balance of raspberry cheesecake to chocolate ratio.

Rating: A+!  It competes with my love for passionfruit&raspberry kitkat. I don’t think I can choose, they’re both good.

15.Green Tea Matcha Kit Kat


green tea matcha kit kat

It was slightly melted but I still ❤ my kitkats! All the green tea ones are tasting the same.  I am realizing I don’t really like the green tea kit kats- still too sugary.  (And how on earth did I get 3 green tea kinds in one post?!) Rating: C

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8 thoughts on “Sakura Matcha, Chili, Big Matcha, Apple, and Framboise

  1. with the exception to raspberry and hot chili, i’ve tried the rest. most of the time they all taste pretty much the same… VERY SWEET. but i still wouldn’t mind trying out those flavors i have yet to try. so far, my faves are citrus and cinnamon.

  2. They sell passion fruit and green tea kit kats at the Japanese supermarket here in Southern California but I have yet to see apple ones. I’d love to try it just to see how bad it really is!

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