Green Tea, Raspberry Passion Fruit, Cookies+, and Coffee Milk Tea

So many Kit Kats, but so little time! My recap of flavors continues…

Spring 2010


We’re eager to try our first green tea Kit Kat!

5. Green Tea Kinako Flavor  “Big Bar” – This was a giant Kit Kat, as opposed to the standard twin bars. I love tea, so I had high hopes for this flavor.

Unfortunately, the green tea was too sweet. It’s actually white chocolate with green tea flavor. The wafer was satisfyingly crunchy, but maybe too  crunchy since it was such a large bar.

Rating: C


raspberry & passion fruit kit kat

6. Raspberry & Passion Fruit- Rich dark chocolate, similar to Godiva or Lindt quality chocolate! There was a layer of fruit spread, similar to jam, that gave the raspberry and passion fruit flavor between the wafers. It was a lovely balance of fruit & chocolate.

Rating: A+!!

One of my favorite Kit Kat flavors of all time. I found these in Hong Kong, and had only picked up 2 boxes because I wasn’t sure if they would be good. I regret not buying 10 of them!!


Mimi chillin’ with our local Kit Kat finds, by the swan boats!

7. Coffee Milk Tea- cutely decorated with cherry blossoms. When we first saw this we couldn’t identify the flavor because it LOOKED like milk tea but didn’t taste like it. I tried this flavor twice, and the coffee taste is pretty subtle. Not strong, but not underwhelming. If you want strong coffee, drink an expresso.

Rating: B+


OOooOOOoOooO. Cookies & Kit Kat. Genius.

8. Cookies + (who on earth comes up with a name like ‘cookie plus’?!)
The chocolate was bittersweet, and the cookie part like a biscuit instead of a thin crisp wafer. (Needmoreplease)
Rating: A

Hsiao tasting Royal MilkTea Kit Kat

9. Royal Milk Tea Kit Kat- First time I saw these were in Hong Kong, but for some bizarre reason, I didn’t buy them. Then every single 7-11 I visited after that, didn’t have them! UGH!

To my delight, I found some at my local Asian grocer. The packaging is very “British” with British royal guards pictured on the box and on the wrapper. The Kit Kat itself is white chocolate. It really tasted like “milk tea”. A tad sweeter than I prefer, but I could eat these nonstop.

Rating: A.

~ ~ ~

In the last photo, my friend Hsiao is sportin’ a ‘The Fu’ t-shirt. The Fu are Jacob and Josh, two crazy creative Youtubers who play guitar, sing, and make fun videos. (And whom I’m privileged to call friends!) Check out one of their videos below, a cover of Maroon 5’s Love Somebody:

Currently listening: The Fu ft. Lana McKissack- Love Somebody by Maroon 5


6 thoughts on “Green Tea, Raspberry Passion Fruit, Cookies+, and Coffee Milk Tea

  1. i don’t think i’ve tried most of these. i guess i won’t check it off my list. maybe we need to color code for each of us. is it weird that the most memorable flavors are the really bad ones? 😛 more kit kat updates plz!

  2. ok. you are making me hungry. funny enough, just few nights ago i had the matcha flavor, sakura-matcha flavor, and strawberry flavor kit-kats. i don’t understand it, each time i had some of them, i always complaint about how overly sweet they are, YET i still can’t help myself to salivate over them when i get to try another flavor. such my dilemma being someone with a sweet tooth problem.

    • yeah, i totally agree with you! it’s a bit unexpected i think, because in general i assume that american candy and desserts have too much sugar, and that asian candy and desserts have a little less sugar. however, even though the japanese kit kats are made for the japanese consumer, the green tea kit kats i agree, are too sugary. yet i, too, always try each and every one of them!

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