When Worlds Collide

one world tower. under construction, 2012.

one world trade center. under construction, 2012.

I didn’t know where the twin towers were located.

At the time, I was a naive student, absorbed in my comfy college world.  I sat in the West Mall, the outdoor courtyard littered with students going to and fro, between their classes, and watched the news unfold of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center.  I saw the look of faces, eyes wide, glued to the TV news stations, everyone in dread, in anxiety.

The TV images played over and over in my mind, smoke billowing to the sky, shards of glass windows and metal from buildings falling to the earth, blasting cracks into the ground.

And later, a phone call.

A whirling vortex.

My best friend told me, “my aunt worked in one of those towers-

she is missing.”

~  ~  ~

5 minute freewrite.  “whirling vortex”  & “crack.” 

in memory of Grace Cua and all whose lives were forever changed on 9/11/01.



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