the Kit Kat Conquest


a hint of what’s to come…

to taste every imaginable Kit Kat flavor ever made! 

It all started after a trip to Asia.

A few years ago, in Hong Kong, I stumbled upon an intriguing Kit Kat Flavor: Passion Fruit Raspberry. Curious, I picked up a box and saved one for my friend, Hsiao.  Coincidentally, Hsiao traveled to Japan that same month.  We exchanged our souvenirs upon her return, and unknowingly surprised one another with different flavored Kit Kats.  Soon, our good friend Esther joined our Kit Kat conquest, sharing with us her Sakura Green Tea Kit Kats.

We were delighted to learn that Nestle Japan creates Kit Kat in a dizzying assortment of the most interesting, bizarre flavors. Some of them are delicious, some of them are disgusting. But the best part of all, is the excitement in discovering new things and sharing them with your good friends… even when we each live thousands of miles apart.

Thus far we’ve tried over 50 flavors.  Actually, it’s reached the point where Esther bought repeats of certain flavors, unaware that we had tried them just a few months prior. Hence the reason for this post… so our Kit Kat adventures are recorded in one place!

Don’t worry… most of my blog will continue to be about what it means to be a nurse, and the search for substance…

But maybe sometimes you need a break. A Kit Kat Break!  =D


5 thoughts on “the Kit Kat Conquest

  1. Mmm… One of my favorites from the assortment you sent was the Kit Kat from Libya–if I remember correctly. It was a regular ol’ flavor, but I remember the chocolate’s taste being so distinctly unique.

  2. We like hearing about all of the things that make you you! I always really liked trying new foods in Asia. (Well, the same ones.) I still swear Haribo gummi bears taste different and better over there than the ones they sell here.

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