Fresh Fridays: What Do You Say First?

She sat quietly, waiting.  Her big eyes watching my every move.

I unsheathed the needle.

“It will only hurt a little bit, okay?” I wiped her arm clean with an alcohol swab.

She quickly grabbed her mom’s hand. Modeling after her mom’s instruction, she inhaled rapid, deep breaths.

I slid the needle in and pulled the syringe out.

Shot #1, done. 

She didn’t even flinch.

Quickly moving on, I gave her the next shot in the same arm.  “Good job!” I complimented her. “You were so good. Now onto the other side, and we’re almost done.”

But she wasn’t having it. She lost her composure. “No….Mommy I’m scared…” she began to cry.

“It’s okay, mi amor,” her mom hugged and tried to comfort her.

“I said I’m scared…” she shook her head, trying to get away from me.

“It’s okay…after it’s over, we can go shopping,” her mom cooed.

“It will be really quick,” I interjected. And as I leaned in to clean her opposite arm, her knee jerked and her foot shot up into the air, swinging right towards my face.

“OH WHOA WHOA,” I stepped back, her foot nearly hitting me. Her parents grabbed her arms and legs and then I swiftly gave the next few shots.

Surprisingly, she still did well, taking deep breaths to calm down.

I was thankful she did not swing to punch me. I offered her stickers as a peace offering, and she immediately accepted.

Her mom interjected, “Uhh.. you want stickers? But what do you say to her first since you tried to kick her?”

She looked down, a bit ashamed.  “Sorry for kicking you,” she apologized.

I smiled.

When a 5 year old unexpectedly apologizes… after you just jabbed them with needles….one of hundreds of reasons why I love nursing. 

4 thoughts on “Fresh Fridays: What Do You Say First?

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but you have such a wonderful heart! I can’t even imagine trying to give a 5-year-old a shot. I was an ophthalmology assistant for a year, and trying to put eye drops in kids’ eyes was a nightmare!

    • no compliments needed, it’s just part of the job. =) i don’t like making kids (or big kids, or adults) cry, but sometimes, it’s required. the intentions are always good (beneficence, one of the fundamental theories of healthcare).

      i can understand the eye drops- i don’t mind giving drops to others, but when it’s my turn and i go to the eye doctor i squirm like crazy when i’m told to keep my eyes open. (esp. with that machine that squirts air in your eyes! ugh!)

  2. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog! Your posts are so beautifully written. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on life. Now we can keep in touch even in the midst of the chaotic and busy life. So fun to talk with you at C’s birthday party earlier this summer! –lilly

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