That Awkward Moment when…

my silly nieces & nephews in Cambodia

(since I can’t post pics of my patients) my silly nieces & nephews in Cambodia 

“What did I say? Get out of there,” mom warned.

She looked up nervously and flashed an innocent smile. In her vibrant sundress and half ponytail, the little toddler was darling. As if she could do no wrong.

Mom and daughter were waiting patiently during their doctor’s appointment.  “She fools you, right? She doesn’t look sick, but she is.” Mom glanced across the exam room and shrugged. “You know… that awkward moment when you turn around and can’t find your daughter… because she’s in the cabinets… under the sink.”

I chuckled.

Mom reenacted the scene. “I said,’Honey! What are you doing? Get out of there!’

    While my daughter just looks up at me and is like…

   (mom imitates her daughter by pressing the side of her index finger against the middle of her lips, then whispers with a sense of urgency…)

‘Shhhh..mommy! I’m hiding! HE [the doctor] is coming!!’ He’s coming!!!!”

Kids. They crack me up.  At work, there is never a dull moment. (One of hundreds of reasons why I love being a nurse.)


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