Farewell, Xanga

The past 10 years, I have journaled my hopes, sadness, sorrow, grief, and hundreds of adventures on my ol’ xanga. There, I documented my disappointing failures, lessons in wisdom, and powerful reflections. Most of my readers have disappeared (since no one reads blogs anymore?), but with the news that Xanga might be shutting its site permanently, I am at a loss for words.  I made life long friends there and recorded my most precious stories.

Here are a few highlights of days as a xangsta:

  1. April 2004- “gave my first shot today!!”
  2. Oct 2004- suffered during nursing school: “Declining physical and mental health of a nursing student”
  3. Oct 2005- assisted Hurricane Katrina evacuees: “Tired from Slidell”
  4. Nov 2005- co-organized a fundraiser to help clear landmines for Adopt-A-Minefield: “Absolutely…incredible.”
  5. Dec 2005- “Graduated from Nursing School!”
  6. Feb 2006-  brought my patient back to life! “Healing Hands”
  7. June 2006- visited the motherland (Cambodia):  “Rich in Spirit”
  8. May 2007- discovered love: “So this is Love.”
  9. Dec 2008- almost got kicked in the face ~_~”; “My Worst & Best Christmas Ever”
  10. August 2009- survived one of the most ridiculous[ly funny] days of my career: “All I could Do”.
  11. March 2010- delivered AIDS/TB care in Cambodia: “
  12. Nov 2010- got a new job in the community: “A Change in Seasons.”
  13. July 2011- rendered speechless by my coworkers genocide testimony: “Where did you get that Courage from<?"
  14. June 2012- cared for my mother-in-law during her last days: “Where the Wind Blows”

Through the Xanga community, I felt incredibly supported and encouraged in my writing. To all my readers from back in the day, till now, thank you for sharing along this journey with me.  I will probably turn my xanga into a book in the future, so look out for it. =)

No matter the medium, let’s keep writing and sharing meaningful stories with one another. =)


5 thoughts on “Farewell, Xanga

  1. Amen. I have never used Xanga and am sorry to hear of the loss… I hope you *do* compile your previous posts into a book someday. Would be wonderful. Blessings to you!

  2. Though I haven’t nearly as accomplished as much (had my site since 13, now 21), it still highlights a lot of my childhood and descent into being an adult. Two graduations, many broken hearts repaired and mended again, jobs, how my family has evolved. I hate to see it go, but, at the same time a fresh start is sometimes needed. I will be getting married this Fall and that will most definitely start a new chapter. Maybe a new blog is needed as well…

    • it’s all good. we are each gifted with our own talents/skills and each our own experiences, trials, tribulations. surely through all that you have endured, you have learned much and grown all the wiser for it. you’re right.. a fresh start is sometimes needed. congrats on your upcoming marriage by the way, that’s wonderful. =) let the journey, through life [and as chronicled on WP, since we’re saying goodbye to xanga] begin. =)

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